DIY – Garage Epoxy Floor Coating

When looking for a new home we came across a fair share of homes that had beautiful garages with shiny epoxy floors which really made the garage look and feel clean along with give it a real professional look. But more then looks, epoxy flooring allows for a protective coating over your concrete floor that can make spills easy to clean without leaving heavy stains especially from oil. This project is not an easy undertaking, however with patience and a little sweat you can make your garage look magnificent. I am really pleased with the way ours turned out.

Choose a vendor of epoxy that you trust. I went with They have a great product that when you follow the directions you get great results. The most important thing to remember is to clean your floor thoroughly. If this requires for you to wash the floor multiple times to remove all the remnants of oil then do so. Epoxy does not stick at all to oil and it will make the epoxy separate from the flooring and result in a fish scale look on your floor.

Another little piece of advice I can offer is to mot mix all of your epoxy and solution at one time. Epoxy only stays in a workable state for about a half a hour. It begins to harden and become unworkable after this time and if you mix the entire batch at one time you won’t be able to spread it fast enough to cover the entire floor.

The last bit of advice is regarding the sand that comes with the kit. The sand is for you to spread on the floor to give it added traction. The epoxy floor can get slippery so you do have to be carful especially when its wet. If you do choose to use the sand it does leave a visible texture on the surface which does take away from the nice sleek look of the epoxy. The choice is yours, will you choose form or function?

Good luck with the project and remember to take your time with this project and your results will come out exceptional.

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